The Story of Dulce Dorado Tequila

In 2006 Dave and his wife, Andrea were on vacation
in Puerto Penasco Mexico
when they met a little shop owner by the name of
Carlos. Carlos and his family had been
hand making an incredible Mezcal infused with
the flavors of agave and Maple for the past 100 years.
This recipe had been passed down to him 3 generations as the original recipe had been
concocted by his Great Grandfather.  Dave was so taken by the spirit
that he spent countless hours discussing the secrets of distilling
that had been passed down for decades. Upon returning to the U.S. he began distilling
his own version of the sweet nectar combining the essence of Honey , Vanilla
and spices to 100% blue Agave using the traditional distilling process taught to him
by his new friend. The results were undeniably smooth.
He continued to produce his special Tequila for friends
and family for years, until they finally convinced Dave to share his incredible Tequila with the world.
Dulce Dorado is now produced in Jalisco Mexico in small batches using the original
recipe taught to Dave so many years ago. So sit back, Relax and
enjoy the smoothest, best tasting Tequila ever. Salud!


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